4½ Stars   


Blind AllegianceBlind Series #1

Put a strong, sexy Viking and a proud, courageous English Lady together and sparks will fly. Rand and Noelle are fated to be together, at least that's what Rand believes. Steeped in Viking lore and tradition, the author builds a sexy and engaging historical romance. There's a strong spiritual component to the tale and it plays heavily into the plot. Betrayal and strife abound and I found myself immersed in the intrigue. Rand and Noelle are explosive together. They are well matched and truly each other's equal. Ms. Rand has captured the feel and flavor of the Viking era. That's not as easy as it sounds and I've read many so-called Viking stories with little or no true historical value. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and hope to read more from this exciting new author.


A vision sent Randvior Siggurdsson to England to find his mate. Unfortunately, Lady Noelle Sinclair was unaware of that fact. Sold to the Viking invader by her cowardly brother, Noelle fights her lot with courage and dignity. She cannot, however, fight the growing attraction to her captor or ignore his honor or integrity.